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Ideas for Publishing

Our ideas for your design book is as follows, depending on who you are: a company, an established designer, a young designer or a design business owner.


Company Design Book

The Company Design Book is inteded for architectural offices, interior design companies and design studios. The Company Design Book includes a selection of the best design work your company has created since its foundation, preferably with a higher focus on recent works for a contemporary feeling. For Company Design Books we suggest to make a 128+ page book, which contains both design tips and portfolio; i.e. if the book is designed in a way that educates the readers, it will be more successful. Design books that contain practical info, design theory and knowledge will provide expert status for your name, and increase confidence and trust of your clients. Furthermore such books are valued more and become pemanent in libraries or bookshelves. For this type of book you need a minimum of 10-20 good projects to present, if you do not yet have this many good projects we would suggest to wait a bit longer, at this point we suggest you contact us to see if we could actually make a company design book for you.


Young Designer Books
If you are a young designer, it could be better to make a compilation book instead of publishing your own dedicated design book. The design compilation book would contain your very best works, plus some other good works from several other designers. By creating a design compilation book that involves multiple designers you could also divide the cost among the participants of the project. We especially suggest young designers not to make a dedicated book since in most cases, the portfolio of a single young designer is not good enough to make a design book even though it contains many gems, thus for a truly beautiful and good design book, it is better to bring best works of several young designers together. In this case, you need to find the other designers yourself, however we wish to remind that if you join A’ Design Award & Competition, you could get published by us, as the A’ Design Awards already brings together the best designers and publishes them as a book.


Contact us for more ideas. Alternatively, to start publishing your book right away, simply pay the first installment from this link or click the buy now button below and we will definitely get back to you lighting fast.


E-Book 160 Pages
Language English
Editor Onur Mustak Cobanli

29.95 €

100 Chair Designs #1

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